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Dr. Terressa Hwang

SEO ThisShari Fitness is the most dedicated fitness professional I have ever met. After her own personal transformation, Shari has made it a MISSION to make an impact, one person at a time. And it shows.

Quite simply put, Shari brings a lot to the table. She is not only an overall terrific, supportive person who will help meet your physical goals, but she also holds a tremendous amount of knowledge that she uses to benefit her clients.

As a chiropractor, I am quite impressed with her understanding of biomechanics to maximize one’s training and also particularly on her emphasis of core strength. These are important concepts in the chiropractic field and also to athletic efficiency.

Shari’s training techniques are in a class of its own. Shari rounds off her training techniques with an equally high understanding of nutritional supplementation. She custom designs supplementation with eating plans as your fitness consultant.

She takes a very thorough approach and covers all bases to ensure immediate and long term success. When you decide to make a positive change in your life, there’s no one better to call upon for help than Shari. Period.

Dr. Terressa Hwang
Choice Chiropractic and Wellness, Inc.



With Shari Fitness, You Can:

Achieve your best body

Feel more fit and healthy

Improve your self-confidence

Work with a Fitness Professional who is passionate about changing the lives of others and promoting healthy habits

Consult with a Fitness Professional to develop and work toward your goals. Get Your Game On!

Merge the all-important elements of mind, body and spirit.