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Brent Hleucka

In October of 2000 I was in relatively poor shape and had smoked for 37 years.  I realized that I couldn't do this myself and needed the expertise of someone who could guide me in the right direction with proper information regarding fitness and nutrition...and a cutting program that would render the best results.

I asked Shari to set up a program for me for workouts and nutrition to help me reach my goal.

SEO This Shari put together several programs for me that I never dreamed could be possible:

heavy weight training, cardio, stretching, incorporating plyometrics, nutrition and supplements.

She also was very conscientious about a rotator cuff injury I had and kept me within limitation not to aggravate the injury.

Shari was accessible for consultation via phone and as I was doing an online program, it was always great to talk to her to get advise.

She also kept in touch everyday via the bb boards and always gave encouragement and feed back.

I wouldn't hesitate to utilize her expertise again.

Brent Hleucka,  Age 59
Alberta, Canada
On Line Training Client with Shari Fitness



With Shari Fitness, You Can:

Achieve your best body

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Work with a Fitness Professional who is passionate about changing the lives of others and promoting healthy habits

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